Oil & Petroleum Testing Instrument

Copper Corrosion Test Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 25,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Standard: IS 1448(P-15) and ASTM D 130
  • Pid Temperature: 100 deg C
  • Brand: Hamco
  • Power: Electric

Copper Corrosion Test Apparatus 

  • SS made,motor driven water bath stirrer  with pid temp. controller with facility to inset six bomb at one time.
  • Copper Strip
  • Inspection Tube
  • Test Tube with holder
  • ‘O’Ring
  • Grit Paper
  • SS Bomb
  • Laminated chart for above

Rust Preventing Characteristics

Test Method: -Determines a lubricant’s ability to prevent rusting of metal surfaces. Suitable for steam turbine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and other types of inhibited mineral oils. A steel test specimen is immersed in a heated mixture of sample oil and water which is stirred continuously during the test. After the test period the specimen is examined for rusting. The standard (ASTM D665) method uses a vertical specimen; the ‘horizontal disc method’ (ASTM D3603) uses both horizontal and vertical test surfaces.

Standard: - ASTM D665, D3603, D6158; NACE TM-01-72; IP 135; ISO 7120; DIN 51355, DIN 51585; FTM 791-4011, 791-5315; NF T 60-151

Features & Benefits:-1)      Accommodates Four sample beakers,2)      Microprocessor pid high accuracy temperature control,3)       Testing Capacity: Four (4) 400mL sample beakers,4)       Maximum Temperature: 95°C,5)       Temperature Control Stability: ±0.5°C (±1°F),6)       Drive Motor: 1⁄20hp induction motor,7)       Bath Medium:30 Ltr white technical oil or Water.
Description :- Constant temperature bath with stirrers for rust preventing characteristics tests. Stirs sample-water mixtures at 1000rpm and controls temperature with ± 0.5°C (± 1°F) stability. Immerses test beakers at the proper depth per ASTM specifications. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and the bath is protected by an overtemperature control circuit that interrupts power should bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F format. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. Stainless steel stirrer paddles are driven by a ball bearing type motor through an improved pulley drive-roller bearing arrangement. Paddles can be raised and lowered for placement of sample beakers in the bath. Includes test specimens, holders and beaker covers for ASTM D665 or D3603 testing (see specifications and ordering information). Stainless steel bath includes perforated support shelf for beakers and two-position cover plate that adjusts for either ASTM D665 or D3603 testing. Long-lasting polyester drive belt improves reliability. Drive train components are protected by a removable steel guard. All exterior surfaces have stainless steel or chemical resistant polyurethane enamel finishes.
Accessories Will Be Supplied With Equipment:-1)       Steel Test Specimen (Model HAMCO 161AC1)  --  4 Nos.,2)       Glass Beaker (HAMCO161AC2)--  4 Nos.,3)       Plastic Beaker Cover (HAMCO161AC3)– 4 Nos.,4)       Chuck for Holding test specimen.(HAMCO161AC4)—1 No.
Electrical Requirement –·         220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 10.0A,·         OR 115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase,20.0A
Dimension: - Ixwxh,in, (cm):-32X14X27 (83x36x69),Net Weight: 98 lbs (44 kg)   Shipping Information:-Shipping Weight: 209 lbs (95 kg),Dimensions: 13 Cu. ft.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number
  • Item Code: HAMCO161
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: JNPT
  • Production Capacity: 100 NOS
  • Delivery Time: 2 WEEK
  • Packaging Details: BY WOODEN BOX

Ash Content Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 17,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Heating load: 2.0 Kw.
  • Size Inch: 9 X 4 X 4
  • Temp. accuracy: +/- 2 degree C
  • Operating Temp: 1050 degree C
  • Temperature range: 5 degree C above ambient to 1100 deg C Max
  • Heating Load: 2.0 Kw

Ash content Test Consist

Rectangular electric muffle furnace light weight with temp. range . Temp. controlled by PID Temp. controller with SSR power pack. Heating will be done by Kanthal A1 heating element. 
  1. Silica crucible
  2. SS tong
  3. Asbestos gloves
  4. Bunsen Burner
  5. Tripod stand
  6. Nichrome triangle with porcelin tube

Abel Flash Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 13,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Machine Type: Oil Testing
  • Automation Grade: Semi Automatic
  • Brand: Hamco
  • Standard: ASTM

AS Per IP-33 and IS-1448(p-20) Electrically Heated model with voltage Variance for control.

  • Pen sky marten flash point tester closed cup as per IP-34,ASTM D 93 & IS 1448(P-21) Electrically heated model with motorized stirrer with digital temperature controller.
  • Cleveland open cup flash & fire point apparatus as per IP 36, ASTM D 92,IS 1448 (P 69) Electrically heated model with voltage variance or Energy Regulator.

We also manufacture complete range of oil & petrol testing equipment like:

  • Acidity By Extraction
  • Bomb Calorimeter
  • Carbon Residue Conrad son Or Rams bottom
  • Cloud & Pour Point
  • Copper Strip Corrosion ,Silver Strip Corrosion
  • Dean & Stark Apparatus
  • D emulsification
  • Die electric Breakdown Voltage of Transformer Oils
  • Distillation Appt. of petroleum products
  • Existent Gum Bath
  • Flow Cup with certificate and stand
  • FIA Apparatus
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Reid Va pour Pressure Appt.
  • Redwood Viscometer 1 & 2
  • Sampling Bombs S.S
  • Sediment By Extraction Appt.
  • Smoke Point
  • ASTM Thermometers
  • Viscometer
  • Drop Point & Softening Point Apparatus

Cloud And Pour Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Standard: IP 15 & 219 ASTM-D 2500& IS 1448 (P-10)
  • Temperature: 0 dg C, -17dgC, -34 dgC &-51dgC
  • Controller: PID
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Hamco

We are among the leading suppliers and manufacturer of Cloud And Pour Point Apparatus

Distillation Range Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 17,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Material: Steel
  • Brand: Hamco
  • Power: Electric
  • Display: Digtal
  • Automation Grade: Semi Automatic

It is used for petroleum products consist of electrically heated shield unit, ss cooling bath, stand & asbestos board, we also provide doubled distillation apparatus.

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 26,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Standard: IP 14, ASTM D 524, & IS 1448(P-8)
  • Bath: Round
  • Size: 14 x 10 inch
  • Heating Source: Electric
  • Bulb: Five cocking bulb .

we are among the leading suppliers and manufacturer of Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus

Redwood Viscometer

Approx Price: Rs 11,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Shipping weight: 26. 4 lbs (12kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 2. 2 cu. Ft
  • Dimension: 23x23x46 cm
  • Net weight: 12 lbs (5. 5kg)
  • Power: 220-240v, 50/60hz, single phase, 6. 0a or 115v, 50/60hz, single phase, 12. 0a
  • Standard : Conforms to the specifications of:ip 70.
  • Type of Bath: Electrically heated immerssion heater.
  • Max Working Temperature: 99 degree c
  • Continous Working Temperature: 95 degree c
  • Capacity : 1 sample at a time
  • Heater : SS tubular immerssion heater
  • Accuracy : +/- 3 degree c
  • Readability : +/- 0. 5 degree c
  • Input power supply: 230 v ac, 50 hz, 1 phase with 6 amp current rating.
  • Heating Load : 1 kw .

Test Method :- These viscometers are used to determine the viscosity of petroleum products. Two adoption of red wood viscometer are available no. 1 for liquids having red wood flow 20 seconds to 2000 seconds and no. 2 for liquids whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds and no. 2 for liquids whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds. Redwood viscometer is used for the determination of redwood viscosity and which can be converted to kinematic viscosity also. It is also used for observing the effect of temperature on viscosity by plotting graph.

Temperature Controller:-

a. By energy regulator which will turn on & off heater as time switch.


Stirrer : manual stirrer with stirrer blade for maintaining uniformity throughout chamber.

Top lid made of stainless steel with provision of mounting of one thermometer. .

Control Panel/Display:-

a. Energy Regulator .

b. Heater Indicator.

c. Kettle plug for heater connection.

a. Double walled construction, thermally insulated with inside body made of stainless steel outside gi.

b. Powder coated external surface for esthatic appearance.
accessories will be supplid with equipment :-

1) SS lid cover --1 no (cat no hamco 33ac1)

2) Thermometer collar -- 1 no (cat no hamco 33ac2)

3) Ball lock – 1 no. (cat no hamco 33ac3)

4) Glass redwood cup -- 1 no. (cat no hamco 33ac4)

5) Thermometer ip 8c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac4)

6) Thermometer ip 9c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac5)

7) Thermometer ip 10c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac6)

8) Digital stopwatch – 1 no (cat no hamco33ac7)

spares required for 5 year trouble free operation :-

1) SS immersion heater -- 1 no. (cat no hamco33s1)

2) Glass redwood cup -- 1 no. (cat no hamco 33ac4)

3) Thermometer ip 8c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac4)

4) Thermometer ip 9c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac5)

5) Thermometer ip 10c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco33ac6)

6) Digital stopwatch – 1 no (cat no hamco33ac7)


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HAMCO33

Reid Vapour Pressure Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 33,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Standard: As per ip 69, ASTM d 323 & d 1267 & as per is 1448(p-39)
  • Material: Steel
  • Display: Digital
  • Type: Portable
  • Brand: Hamco

Reid vapour pressure test appt. consist of bath with digital temp. Controller, air chamber, gasoline chamber, bleeder valve, manometer & pressure guage.

Standard Penetrometer

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Brand: Hamco
  • Material: Steel
  • Standard: ASTM And IS
  • Instrument Type: Oil And Petroleum
  • Type: Testing

Penetrometer as per IP 50,ASTM D 217/1403 & IS 1448(P-60) geared arrangement for moving the arms with centering devise with cone & needle with electrically arrangement with digital timer.

Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Approx Price: Rs 32,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.1 degree centigrade
  • Range: Room temp. to 150 deg C
  • Brand : Hamco
  • Standard: ASTM D 445 ,IP 71
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Kinematic Viscosity Bath AS PER , Viscosity Bath (IP71) for the temperature of 40 degree and 100 degree and also refrigerated upto -35 degree C.:Kinematic viscosity Bath as per ASTM with temp. Range room temp. to 150 deg C along with temp. accuracy +/- 0.1 degree centigrade to accommodate 5 viscometer at a time along with Viscometer holder. It consist illumination facility for better visibility. The stirrer is for better uniformity throughout the chamber. Temp. controlled by thyristor drive temp. indicator cum controller.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HAMCO48H
  • Port of Dispatch: JNPT
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 4 Week
  • Packaging Details: Cardboard Packing with thermocol

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Product Details:
  • Housing Material : Brass/ S.Steel duly Nickled Chromium plated water jacket S.S vessel S.S. Bomb
  • Water Vessel Optional: Oxygen Cylinder
  • Power Consumption: 220/230V
  • AC Supply : Single Phase (plus/minus) 10% 50 Hz
  • Duty Cycle : Continuous
  • Design: As Per Specification Of Institute Of Petroleum Bs 1016 Standard Is No. 1350/1966

  • Used for determination of combustion of heat of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material
  • Supplied complete with water jacket made of Brass/S.Steel sheet duly nicked chromium plated with Bakelite Lid
  • S. Steel Bomb, Bomb Jacket Water Calorimeter Vessel
  • Motorized heavy duly stirrer for uniform Circulation
  • Briquette, Pet tel Press heavy duly
  • Firing unit with illumination
  • Vibrator & Buzzer, spanners, magnified glass with nickled nichrome wire & Cotton reel
  • Gas Releasing Valve, S.Steel crucible
  • Benzoic Acid with know calorific value
  • Full feature digital controller & Safety device

Smoke Point Apparatus

Product Details:
  • Dimension: 18 X 47 cm
  • Net Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 5 Cu. ft.
  • Brand: Hamco

TEST METHOD :- Smoke point is an indicator of the combustion qualities of aviation turbine fuels and kerosene. The fuel sample is burned in the Smoke Point Lamp, and the maximum flame height obtainable without smoking is measured.

STANDARD :- Conforms to: ASTM D1322; ISO 3014; IP 57; DIN 51406; FTM 791-2107; NF M 07-028.


Burns fuel samples under controlled conditions for smoke point determinations of aviation turbine fuels and similar products. Consists of brass lamp body with chimney; gallery; 0-50mm black glass scale with white markings; brass plated door with curved glass window; candle socket; and plated brass candle with wick tube and air vent. Mounted on a cast iron base with aluminum support rod.




1) Cotton weak non extracted -- 6 NOS.(CAT NO HAMCO43AC1)
2) Candle -- 1 NO.(CAT NO HAMCO43AC2)
3) Front concave glass – 1 NO (CAT NO HAMCO43S1)




Catalogue no
Product description
Electrical requirement
Hamco 43
Smoke point apparatus
Hamco 43ac1
Cotton weak
Hamco 43ac2
Hamco 43s1
Front concave glass-

Saybolt Viscometer

Approx Price: Rs 11,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Standard : Conforms to the specifications of: astm d 88.
  • Type of bath: Electrically heated immerssion heater.
  • Max working temperature: 180 degree c
  • Continous working temperature: 180 degree c
  • Capacity : 2 sample at a time.
  • Heater : SS tubular immerssion heater
  • Accuracy : +/- 0. 1 degree c
  • Readability : +/- 0. 1 degree c
  • Power: 220-240v, 50/60hz, single phase, 8. 0a or 115v, 50/60hz, single phase, 16. 0a
  • Dimension: 11x12x20 (28x30x51)
  • Net weight: 35 lbs (16kg)

Test method :- determines the time required for 60ml of sample to flow through a calibrated orifice under precisely controlled conditions. Saybolt universal seconds (sus) is the standard measurement for lubricants, insulating oils, and lighter fuel grades, and saybolt furol seconds (sfs) is used for heavier oils and bitumens.

Temperature controller :-

Temp. Is controlled by microprocessor based pid temp. Controller having dual display.
It is having dual display with solid state relay for switching on & switching off the heater.

Thermocouple :-
  • Calibrated rtd type thermocouple will be provided capable of measuring upto 105 deg c at accuracy of +/- 0. 1 deg
  • Input power supply : 230 v ac, 50 hz, 1 phase with 8 amp current rating.
  • Heating load : 1 kw .
  • Stirrer : motorised stirrer with stirrer blade for maintaining uniformity throughout chamber.
  • Top lid made of stainless steel with provision of mounting of one thermometer.
  • Illumination will be provided for better visibility.

Control panel/display :-
  • Digital display for present , set temperatures .
  • Heater indicator.
  • Main switch on/off indicator.
  • Fuse for overload protection.
  • Stirrer on/off switch
  • Stirrer indicator
  • Illumination on/off switch.
Construction :-

  • Double walled construction , thermally insulated with inside body made of stainless steel outside gi.
  • Powder coated external surface for esthatic appearance.

Accessories will be supplied with equipment :-

  • Ss lid cover --2 no (cat no hamco 37ac1)
  • Thermometer collar -- 2 no (cat no hamco 37ac2)
  • Rubber lock – 2 no. (cat no hamco 37ac3)
  • Glass saybolt cup -- 2 no. (cat no hamco 37ac4)
  • Thermometer ip astm 22c with cal cert – 1 no. (cat no hamco37ac5)
  • digital stopwatch – 1 no (cat no hamco37ac6)

Spares required for 5 year trouble free operation :-
  • Ss immerssion heater -- 1 no. (cat no hamco37s1)
  • Glass saybolt cup -- 1 no. (cat no hamco 37ac5)
  • Ssr 25 a with heat sink – 1 no. (cat no hamco 37s2)

Shipping information :-

Shipping weight: 52. 8 lbs (24kg)
Dimensions: 4. 7 cu. Ft.

Preinstallation requisite ( at buyer’s scope)

  • Silicon oil – 10 ltr.
  • Sample 200ml
  • Washing solvent.

Aniline Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 13,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Shipping Weight: 42 lbs (19.1kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 5.7 Cu. ft
  • Dimension:- lxwxh,in.(cm): 14.5x18.5x20.5 (37x22x53)
  • Net Weight: 24 lbs (10.9kg)
  • Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 2.9A OR 115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 5.8A

test method :- aniline point is used to characterize pure hydrocarbons and to indicate the aromatic content of hydrocarbon mixtures. Equal volumes of aniline and sample or sample plus n-heptane are stirred together while being heated at a controlled rate. After the two phases become miscible, the mixture is cooled at a controlled rate and the temperature at which the two phases separate is the aniline point or mixed aniline point of the sample.

standard :- conforms to: astm d611; ip 2; iso 2977; din 51775; ftm 791-3601.

features & benefits :-

for aniline point and mixed aniline point determinations according to method b. Stirs aniline-sample mixture in a borosilcate glass thin film tube suspended in a heating bath. Thin film of mixture flows over a light well illuminated by a variable 6v lamp. Adjust heating rate per specifications using accessory powertrol heater. When lamp filament brightens inside well, allow mixture to cool until the two phases separate as indicated by obscuring of the lamp filament. Consists of thin film tube; 400ml pyrex™ beaker; cover assembly with bath stirrer, sample pump rotor and cooling coil; 6v lamp with line cord; and drive motor. Positive drive pulley system rotates sample and bath stirrers. Accessory powertrol heater has variable stepless control and a reference dial for repeatable control of heating rate. Porcelain refractory top plate shields 75ow heater and has a positioning well for the borosilicate bath. Low voltage receptacle in heater housing accepts line cord of 6v lamp.

 accessories will be supplied with equipment :-

1) outer jacket with cork -- 1 no (cat no hamco 5ac1)

2) tube with cork – 1 no (cat no hamco5ac2)

3) brass stirrer inner – 1 no (cat no hamco 5ac3)

spares required for 5 year trouble free operation :-

1) outer jacket with cork -- 2 no (cat no hamco 5ac1)

2) tube with cork – 2 no (cat no hamco5ac2)

3) brass stirrer inner – 2 no (cat no hamco 5ac3)


ordering information :-

catalogue no

product description

electrical requirement

hamco 5

aniline point apparatus


hamco 5ac1

outer jacket with cork


hamco 43ac2

tube with cork


hamco 43s1


brass stirrer inner




Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HAMCO5

Freezing Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 14,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Net Weight: 39 lbs (17.5 kg)
  • Dimensions in inches: 35x26x31 (89x66x78.75)
  • Electrical Connection: 230V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 6.5A
  • Maximum Temperature: -100oF (-73oC)
  • Conforms to: ASTM D2386; IP 16; ISO 3013; DIN 51421; FTM 791-1411; NF M 07-048


The freezing point of an aviation fuel is the lowest temperature at which the fuel remains free of solid hydrocarbon crystals that can restrict the flow of fuel. The temperature of the fuel in the aircraft tank normally falls during flight depending upon aircraft speed, altitude, and flight duration. The freezing point of the fuel must be lower than the minimum operational tank temperature. The test determines the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals form in aviation fuels. The sample is cooled with continuous stirring in a Dewar-type sample tube until crystals appear.

Apparatus :- Consist of one wooden insulated assembly , one dewar flask, stirrer for above, illumination facility, freezing point tube and front window for observation, along with thermometer with calibration certificate for observation.



Dieelectric Breakdown Voltage Tester

Product Details:
  • Temperature range: 0 to 50deg C
  • Power supply: 230Vac -10%,50hz -5% single phase
  • Voltage Range: 0 to 100 KV AC
  • Trip Current: 10ma (custom specs)
  • Indication : 3.5 digit LED meter Display
  • Resolution : 0.1 KV in manual mode and 2kv auto mode
  • Accuracy: /- 2% /- digit
  • HV Transformer: 50- 0- 50 KV with point earth double wound, air cooed epoxy Molded
  • Variac: Mortised
  • Shutdown sensitivity: 5mA
  • Oil Test cell: Transparent polycarbonate molded
  • Cap gauge: 2mm 2.5mm 4mm
  • Cabinet : Powder coated sheet metal table top cabinet with handles
  • Controls: Mains on/off, HT on/off, Stirrer on/off, INC, DEC.
  • Port: RS-232 Interface to down load to PC, LAPTOP
  • Display : Large back light display
  • STDS : IEC 156 IS 6792
  • Storage memories: 1000 test results
  • Saifty stds: As per IEC 61010
  • Brand: Hamco

Hamco153b Automatic Dieelectric Breakdown Voltage Tester As Per Astm D 877, Astm D 1816

Features & benefits :-This test method is used to judge if the disk electrode breakdown voltage requirements are met for insulating liquids, as delivered from the manufacturer, that have never been filtered or dried.

 Oil Insulation Test kit (Oil BDV)

Automatic control with manual control. Two in one system

Features: Microprocessor control with following features

Fully automatic

Printer: Built in alphanumeric printer time and dated results with std deviation

Software : windows based data acquisition software

Kye board : Quick test selection trough key pad

Indication : Cover open wait time HT on KV Rise stir time std time &BDV

Beeps : Audible beep on break down & long beep on completion of test

Accessories: Mains quads, oil test vessel with adjustable electrodes go no go

Gauge For gap adjustment operating manual




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