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Reaction Cum Distillation Assembly

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Capacity(glass vessels): Upto 200 ltrs
  • Glass Pipe Line: 12 inch
  • Brand: Hamco
  • Material: Glass
  • Type: Glassware

We are leading manufacturer of simple/reaction cum distillation/fractional distillation assembly. Glass pipe line ,rda, bend adapters glass valves and sight glass. These distillation assemblies are super in quality and performance.

Water Distillers

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Output Capacity: (Approx.) 1 ltr/hr 1.5 ltr/hr 2 ltr/hr 2.5 ltr/hr 3.0 ltr/hr 5.0 ltr/hr
  • Electrical Power Reqd: 220/240 V, 440 V,
  • Phase: Single, Double
  • Heater: 2.0 KW, 3.0 KW, 3.5 KW, 4.5 KW, 5.0 KW, 8.0 KW
  • Cooling Water Consumption: 40 lit/hr 50 lit/hr 65 lit/hr 70 lit/hr 100 lit/hr 150 lit/hr

Water distillers produce highly treated and disinfected water for laboratory usage. The distillation process removes minerals and microbiological contaminants and can reduce levels of chemical contaminants. Water distillers are neither intended to treat water that is visually contaminated nor intended to convert waste water to safe, micro biologically. Working Principle A water distiller works by boiling water into water vapor, condensing it and then returning it to its liquid state. It is collected in a storage container. The process occurs in several steps:

  • Municipal or well water is manually or automatically fed into the distiller unit’s boiling chamber.
  • A heating element in the boiling chamber heats the water until it boils.
  • The steam rises from the boiling chamber. Volatile contaminants (gases) are discharged through a built-in vent. Minerals and salts are retained in the boiling chamber as hard deposits or scale.
  • The steam enters a coiled tube (condenser), which is cooled by cool water.
  • Water droplets form as condensation occurs.
  • he distilled water is collected in a storage tank. If the unit is an automatic model, it is set to operate to fill the storage tank


Quartz distiller, Demountable boiler. Compact design, Dual safety cutout(optional). High purity, low conductivity, Pyrogen free distillate. Easy service and maintenance due to Demountable model.

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