Flash Point Tester

Flash Point Tester

Product Details:
  • Temp.Rang: Ambient to 400oC
  • Test Method: ISO 2592 , ASTM D 92 , IP 36 , IS 1448 ( P-69).
  • Ignition Source: Gas Flame with two Pilot electric Coil.
  • Temperature Sensor: PT-100 in stainless steel sheath.
  • Flash/Fire Detector: Ionization principle based flash-detector sensor
  • Equipment Gross Weight: 16 Kg. Equipment supply will be 230 V Ac , 50 Hz with 15 amp capacity.
  • Equipment Overall Size: 230mm (W) X 470mm ( D ) X 385mm ( H )

This flash point and fire-point test method is a dynamic method and depends on definite rates of temperature increases to control the precision of the method. Its primary use is for viscous materials having a flash point between 79°C (175°F) and 400°C (752°F) except fuel oils, to define the hazards of flammable and combustible materials used in shipping and safety regulations.

The temperature of the approximately 70 ml test specimen is increased rapidly at first and then at a slower constant rate as the flash point is approached. At specified intervals a test flame is passed across the cup, to measure the tendency of the test specimen to form a flammable mixture with air under controlled laboratory conditions

  • The flash point is the lowest liquid temperature at which application of the flame causes the vapors of the test specimen of the sample to ignite.

  • To determine the fire-point, the test is continued until the application of the test flame causes the test specimen to ignite and sustain burning for a minimum of 5s.

It is an automatic flash and fire-point tester used to examine liquid as well as highly viscous samples in the same instrument without any additional equipment. For substances with unknown flash points, the APPARATUS has a special search mode program. During the entire heating period, the test flame is moved across the sample at suitable intervals. The expected flash point of a specimen can thereby be found in a time saving and economical manner.

  • Optional On demand: When examining highly viscous specimens, a preheating time and temperature are set in order to warm-up and liquefy the sample to inserted temperature probe without problem. Further a skimmer is removing the surface skin from bituminous samples.

  • Standard Cup with handle, made of brass

  • Temperature Probe Pt-100 for sample temperature

  • Electric Gas Igniter with connector cable and plugs

Flame Detection Unit for the detection of flash- and fire-points Flame Arrest Cover for extinguishing the fire in the cup PC Interface Programmed Controller. The Unit is incorporated with MODBUS RTU PC interface Microprocessor based PID Programmable
controller user friendly features.


Fully Automatic Flash and Fire point apparatus.

  • Controller: Microprocessor based process controller cum indicator with touch screen with LED Display with audio visual alarm to check the machine. 3-wire RTD temperature sensor, free potential flame detector sensor as i/p. The controller having capacity of storing 200 data with automatic barometric reading correction.

  • It is with PC Interface for data storing.

  • Printer with data interface cable for taking the reading of Flash Point after completion of the cycle.

  • Flame-Sampling Arrangement: 10 Rpm, D.C. 12 v or 24V DC, gear motor, vertical movement reciprocating to & fro motion.Heater: 800 W, 230 v.

  • Electrical ignition for pilot flame-sampling. Ignition transformer having continuous o/p of 10.6 Kv. D.C. from 230 v A.C. i/p.

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